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Renters Insurance Info

Renters Insurance Info


We require that every resident have a renters liability insurance policy with $100,000 in liability coverage that protects the building from damage in the event of an accident.  Residents may obtain a renters liability insurance policy from a third party insurance company, or residents can opt into a building protection program through  Resident Protect, the cost of which can be conveniently billed with your monthly rent payment (they notify us when you sign up)!.

While not required, we highly recommend that residents get coverage for their personal belongings as well. None of us expect or want an unfortunate event to happen, but having coverage can protect a resident if something does occur that damages their belongings.  Residents can obtain coverage for personal belongings through a third-party insurance company or through the Resident Protect Plus Plan.

What is the Resident Protect Program?

There are two plan options: the Resident Protect Plan and the Resident Protect Plus Plan. See below for more details:

  • Resident Protect Plan: $12/month for a building protection plan.  If a resident opts into this plan, in the event of an accident, Resident Protect will reimburse Landlord for the costs of damage to its property for which Tenant would otherwise be responsible, up to $100,000.  While the Resident Protect Plan is not insurance, if a resident opts into this program, they are not required to obtain a renters liability insurance policy.  The Resident Protect Plan will only reimburse Landlord for damage and loss and does not provide any reimbursement to a resident if personal belongings are damaged. 

  • Resident Protect Plus Plan: $15/month for the same coverage as the Resident Protect Plan, plus up to $10,000 for their personal belongings.
    The charge for either plan will be included on your monthly statement so you will not receive a separate bill.
    To sign up and Terms & Conditions of these plans go to

What if I prefer to get a renters insurance policy?
That is completely fine! We require a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage that we be listed as an additional interested party. You will need to provide us with proof of coverage, this can be uploaded via your online account. 

What if I do not want any coverage?
Unfortunately, this is a requirement of your lease. If you do not sign up for the Resident Protect Program or provide proof of renters insurance, you will be automatically enrolled in the lowest-cost option for the Resident Protect Plan.

How do I sign up?
Click the sign up button below and fill in the necessary information. You will receive a confirmation email once you've submitted your information.